I have been amazed at the number of couples who have come in over the last few years with the same presenting issue. The wife is frantic, tearful, feeling disrespected.  The husband approaches concerned and eager to help remedy "the problem."  The presenting problem is the issue of pornography. Yes, sexy pictures, naked bodies, etc.  The internet has introduced a whole new way to view, have access to, and sometimes participate in on-line sex.  The question for today is this:  For the 21st century American couple, is this indeed a "problem"  or can it be a solution to a bigger problem?  What does this mean? 

Simply put, how do you take a presenting issue and turn it into a solution.  Why not use the "sexy pictures" as part of your foreplay and make the "pornography" about you as couple who have found a new way to enjoy sex.  This does not have to be a problem, just a way to build greater connections between the partners. So the word for today is "US" Yes, it is all about the two of you.  Enjoy, have fun, be together in different ways, read "Fifty Shades of Grey" together.  Repeat after me, "IT IS ALL ABOUT US."

That's it for today, 

Dr. Yvonne


October 21, 2013

     MANY of you probably realize, from looking at our website, that we specialize in hypnosis.  A standard treatment is to utilize hypnosis to ameliorate the signs, symptoms and effects of anxiety.  But, did you know that if your are hypnotized during the egg transfer portion of your in vitro fertilization procedure, the research shows that hypnosis increased pregnancy ratio by 76 percent (Levitas, 2006)?   Other research reveals that hypnosis during the egg transfer is as effective as diazepam  for pregnancy ratios and anxiety, but with fewer side effects (Patrick Catoire, 2013).  So if IVF is an option for you, consider hypnosis.  Check with your physician to see if you would be a candidate for hypnosis during this medical procedure.

     One of my favorite patients was a lady who could not tolerate anesthesia of any kind.  However, she needed major dental work and sought me out as an alternative, non-invasive technique for anesthetizing her for her dental surgery.  On the day prior to her surgery, I utilized some fairly routine induction procedures to put her into a deep trance.  Utilizing post-hypnotic suggestions, she was able to return to her "deep trance" when she sat in the dental chair the following day.  Wow, the dentist was impressed, as was my patient.  Pain free and anxiety free, she successfully sailed through her dental surgery.  Check with your dentist to see if this is a viable option for you.

     One just has to love the power of the mind to override the physiology of our bodies.  So, the message for today is "be open."  Look at alternative methods of dealing with your anxiety, rather it is to ameliorate the symptoms prior to or during surgery, or as a way to manage on-going anxiety.  So repeat after me....."I can learn to manage my anxiety."  That's it for today.

Dr. Smith